The Secret “Weapon” of Attraction

Have you ever looked at somebody who effortlessly seems to attract admiration and you wonder what is the secret behind his/her attraction? Well, believe it or not, each individual is attractive and holds a secret “weapon” that can successfully work, but the key to its success does not exist in its existence, but rather in the mentality of the possessor.

We are often led to believe that physical appearances, a tolerant attitude and tender gestures are few of the secrets that will make us appear more attractive. In fact, if you search online you will find hundreds of articles (including this one) and books that aim to preach how to become attractive. The truth is that the so-called secret weapon is not a skill or an attitude that will bring you success; it is not your hairstyle, clothing or gestures that will draw the attention of the one you love. The secret hides in the naturalness of your personality.

Following steps that are considered to be successful in the art of seduction may actually be your failure as those suggestions may have matched the personality and the situation of the story-teller. Instead of trying to imitate someone else’s path, try to discover yourself and become confident in expressing who you are. The naturalness you adopt while you talk, walk, in the way you dress, think and speak is 100% your key to reaching your crush’s heart.

Frequently, individuals hide their true personality behind attraction codes as a result of their strong desire of being wanted and liked. Unfortunately, such behaviour does not pass unnoticed. As human beings, we also function based on intuition and senses and we can easily tell when someone’s spiritual vibration does not match their actions or words. Therefore, adopting a style that is not yours will actually ruin your chances of being attractive. How? First and foremost, you will send a sign of low self-esteem and low level of confidence. An individual without a personal style may often come across as somebody who is willing to lower their standards in order to gain attention or affection. Both women and men seek a confident partner capable of being an inspiration through their determination, authenticity and personal “flavour”. It is important though not to mistake confidence for arrogance and stubbornness. Acting bossy during a conversation may send the wrong message and make you look as a person with little to zero tolerance.

Having confidence means that you have a healthy level of self-respect, you know what you can offer and what you can accept. Such attitude will certainly make people have a better understanding of who you are rather than have them guessing.

…but what if my naturalness does not seem to work out?

Firstly, no relationship is guaranteed and using tricks or just being yourself does not mean that you will win your crush’s heart. Attracting somebody is not a game. It is a natural experience, based on the chemistry between two individuals which happens without any effort. All you can do is to be yourself and the right one will sincerely fall for you.

Secondly, do not think that your naturalness does not work. It may only be that you still need to discover yourself and learn how to make your physical and soul qualities shine.

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