SoulMate Versus Life-Partner Relationships

Humans are not only intelligent, but also emotional creatures who crave affection and spiritual connection.

When seeking our half or initiate a relationship, we actually seek for the one who completes us in each and every way; the one who can make us shine and be a better version of ourselves. Often individuals settle in relationships that create a sensation of comfort, mostly because of the fear of being alone or simply because they think that personality differences can be worked out. As such, the comfort of being together and accepting each others flaws lead many couples to believe that they are married or in a relationship with their soul mate.

However, there are 4 unmistakable differences between a soul mate and a life partner:

 1. You finally discover yourself

“A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self-discovery, of awakening.”
Kenny Loggins

You must have always known or had an idea of what you want to do, you have always been aware of your skills and hobbies, but at the same time, you always felt that there is something missing out. The spiritual connection with your destined soul mate enlightens you. You discover things you never thought that could make you happy; your skills become sharper, you are more positive, optimistic and keen on taking challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles. You feel and see life differently through him/her.

On the other side, with a life-partner you experience a sense of settlement. You are satisfied with the lifestyle you have, who you are and how the relationship is.

2. Sense of Peace

Contradictory discussions are inevitable as each individual has personal perspectives on situations. However, the connection between two soulmates transforms the difference of opinions into an opportunity of exploring each other’s thinking, opinions through a mature conversation without sensing any negative vibe.

Similarly, external problems do not seem to have any effect on the relationship, but you two rather work together as a team in solving and overcoming challenges.

In a life-partner relationship, personality differences can either approach or distance two partners. There is a sense of discomfort in discussing sensitive subjects while creating the sense of a void space. Additionally, life-partners are easily affected by daily stressors like career, usually dealing with responsibilities individually rather than as a team.

3. Two Hearts, One Soul

Soulmates or Twin Flames think alike and feel alike. This doesn’t mean they are 100% the same, but each other’s differences are complementary; whatever one of them misses, the other half will cover the gap and vice versa. The combination of the personality traits are more likely to supplement and create a balance in the relationship as opposed to life-partner relationships where differences can actually be a source of discord.

4. Emotional Stability

Since soulmates beautifully blend their similarities and differences, they naturally create an emotional stability. Uncertainty and lack of communication is rarely seen in soulmate relationships as the loving bond is built on openness, peaceful conversation, self-care and motivation, dedication and attention.

Opposite this connection, life-partner relationships tend to experience highs and lows of emotions, compromises mostly due to the differences in the perspectives on the fundamental principles of life.

If you sense that routine and comfort are constants in your relationship, it would be worth checking and discovering whether you are with a soulmate or with a life-partner.

Image: ABC News





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