How to Lead a Healthy Spiritual Life

Our society is confronted with a massive increase of materialism and capitalism, leaving us little space to breathe and keep in touch with our soul’s needs. Although the past ten years seemed to have been marked by the importance of eating healthy and exercising, it is needless to say that what requires more attention is our spiritual equilibrium.

As we constantly strive to evolve in careers or to upgrade our lifestyles, we often forget to invest in healing our mind and soul of the stress, pain, anger and all the negative energies accumulated over time. This may explain why sometimes people feel unhappy with their lives or with themselves.

As such, here are 5 ideas to practice on a daily basis for a healthier and balanced spiritual life:

1. Count Your Blessings

In the race to accumulate experience, memories or wealth, individuals have a tendency to forget how far they have walked or how much they have accomplished. Such attitude leads to greed, sense of unease, underachievement and unhappiness with oneself. In order to avoid disappointment, take a moment in the morning or before going to sleep and count the good things you did or received throughout the day. Step in the new year grateful for what you accomplished no matter how difficult or easy it was.

Moreover, be grateful for the challenges you face. They may upset you or make you feel as if they work against you, but in fact negative experiences are great opportunities for you to grow and accomplish more out of your comfort zone.

2. Surround Yourself with Positivity 

In order to keep a balanced spiritual life, positivity is an essential element. Whether your career is stressful or you have relationships that cause you discomfort, anger or any other feeling that leaves you emotionally exhausted, it is recommendable to set few boundaries. In other words, distance yourself from the people or the object of your distress and instead surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you. Additionally, take your time to do activities that relax you, such as yoga, fitness exercises, painting or if you hold religious beliefs, then prayers and meditation would be of a great help in removing the energies you accumulated.

3. Forgive

Did anyone do you wrong? Did you make mistakes in the past and cannot overcome the feeling of guilt? Then you need to practice forgiveness. Holding grudges or continuously thinking about the past will not make set you free. It will actually make you feel as if your soul is chained in pain, bitterness and frustration. Accepting the idea that mistakes are natural elements of our growth will set you free and allow you to blossom. However, it is important to understand that forgiveness does not mean to remain or return to the relationship that caused you pain nor doe it mean to repeat the same mistake. Forgiveness is an act of peace between you and the past.

4. Serve

By nature, more or less, we are competitors: we want to gain, achieve and accumulate. But as we impatiently want to become better and get more, we become selfish and deaf to the needs of those who are less blessed than us. While it is necessary to invest in ourselves, we must not forget to serve and share. Not to the point of where we completely ignore our own needs or desires, but to the extent to which we bring serenity, courage and light to disadvantaged people. Whether it is about moral or practical support, giving will enable you to grow and receive in return. It is the law of life, so make sure that your weeks do not pass by without sharing even a sincere advice.

5. Be Connected to Yourself

Life can become hectic when you try to share your time between family, career, friends and issues. Such lifestyle can affect almost anything from eating habits to behavior or thinking.

Just as your body warns you that it is thirsty or tired, so does your soul warn you of its needs. Learn to understand when it needs to heal, when it needs attention, when and what it needs. Feeling fed up and emotionally tired? Take some time to spend alone. It means that your soul is desperate for some peace to clear away the clouds and emotions. Feeling stressed out and limited by the room or the city you live in? Travel. Your soul needs freedom, needs to get in touch with the nature. Do not force yourself to do things or stay in places if your soul feels uncomfortable.

Overall, do not allow negativity come or stay in your life, whether it is caused by external or internal factors.




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