5 Ways to Create Peace In Your Life

While most people would agree that our generation leads a chaotic lifestyle, I would argue that to some extent all the past generations struggled with different social, personal or political factors that affected their peace and lifestyle. However, as modern individuals we have more opportunities to balance and be in control of our lifestyle, but we consciously allow external situations to determine the level of peace we receive or build in our lives.

In a previous article I discussed few of the main emotional steps to follow in order to create an inner equilibrium by leading a healthy spiritual life. With a similar purpose, this article will illustrate few ideas on how to physically create peace in our life.

1. Keep your house clean

Inspired by the speech of the navy SEAL William H. McCraven, the first step in creating your peace is to make sure that the house is clean. Regardless of the hygiene and the great aspect, a clean house has a tremendous effect on your thinking and emotional state. Clutter often creates the sensation of discomfort, disorder, rebellion or abandonment. Believe it or not, a constant view of a cluttered room can unconsciously cause you stress, sense of unease and underachievement. It is probably one of the physical reasons why people feel unhappy with their lives.

On the other hand, a clean house gives you the sensation of comfort, harmony and peace. It will certainly change your state of mind and relax you after a long day.

Similar to your house, make sure your office or working area stays clean and free of useless objects. It will only limit your work and attention.

2. Renovate

Redesigning can be pricey and in the current economic climate, it can be a headache. Nevertheless, as you may already know, there are loads of DIY suggestions around on the Internet that can match every budget and style.

Living in a house that has always had the same kitchen colour, same carpet, same sofa etc., can create the sensation of boredom and monotony as if every day is the same day. Add a plant on the coffee table, change the sofa pillows, your bed’s position or paint your old drawer; it will instantly give your house the aspect of newness and freshness. Not to mention that it will have a great impact on how you will feel when you get back home or work on a project.

3. Give up on electronics (for a while)

Speaking of renovation, ideally would be to have a room (i.e. bedroom ) where there is no TV, computers, smartphones or any electronic device. While we are all guilty of bingeing on social media, Netflix and anything that connects us to digital information, it is highly necessary to spend time without them. Besides the electrical waves that can be harmful, you risk to get emotionally lost and affected by the events you read, by the limited space you have for yourself and thoughts. More importantly, do not start or end your day with social media. Take your time to define your goals for the day as well as clearing your mind of all the accumulated stress.

4. Gardening 

We crave affection and love giving it back. If you are lucky enough to have a piece of garden, do not ignore it or stuff it with objects you no longer use. Plant and nurture. Besides the beautiful and peaceful aspect that it displays, a well looked after garden can be your little oasis where you recollect yourself and your thoughts.

5. Exercise

Sports, fitness, swimming, walking and other physical activities are the best methods to release tension. Along with the amazing benefits for your physical aspect and health, exercises can do more than that: prevent dementia, depression, anxiety, insomnia and improve memory/cognitive functioning.

People expect to receive peace from society, family and friends, when the power of creating peace exists in the little, close things we own and do.

Image: Pinterest 

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