Do You Plan to Get Pregnant? Get Your Body Ready First

Planning on getting pregnant? I imagine there are loads of questions and ideas you may have if this is going to be your first pregnancy.

Before thinking about beautiful clothes, fluffy blankets and colorful toys, you need to think about yourself, more specifically, your health. Your body is going to experience the most wonderful change throughout the next 9 months, but also the most challenging. This is one of the reasons why you need to prepare your body at least a year before you get pregnant. It will not only benefit your health, but also the baby’s. As you may already know, the child will live with nutrients and vitamins your body absorbs.

In order to have a healthy baby and a relatively easy pregnancy, there are few aspects of your lifestyle that you may want to review:

  1 Review Your Diet

We certainly live in an age where the importance of diet has been discussed numerous times. If you tend to have an unbalanced diet, you may want to pay a closer attention to the lifestyle page in your favorite magazine and write down some tips that could improve your eating habits and choices.

  • No fast food
  • More vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid fizzy juices and refined sugar products
  • Free range meat (no processed meat)
  • Organic dairy products

  2.  Detox

Are you a smoker? Do you often drink alcoholic beverages? I guess you know what I am about to say: quit. Despite the fact that these habits can have long-term effects on your health, they will also affect your child. You may feel pretty fine now, but remember that our body stores toxins, so it is essential that you and the baby are healthy.

  • drink a cup of warm water with lemon juice in the morning=besides being rich in Vitamin C, lemon juice will stimulate liver detoxification. 
  • drink more clean water=replace juices, teas, coffees with approximately 8-10 glasses of water a day as it will keep your skin hydrated and boost your metabolism
  • exercises=what could eliminate toxins more efficiently and better than fitness exercises? Join a fitness club, yoga class or simply take a brisk walk every morning. It will help you release tension while sweating out toxins.

3. Reduce Stress

We live with stress. It is by far the most constant presence in our lives, but since you try to get pregnant, the best step is to select which stress is essential in your life. A healthy mind in a healthy body: one cannot function without the other, so whatever goes wrong in your life should either be fixed or removed.

Additionally, scientific studies suggest that stress can have an impact on your fertility as it can delay your ovulation. If you usually track your cycle, stress can mess up with your dates.

  • pray=if you are spiritual and you enjoy meditating, this is the right time to cleanse your soul and mind of all the negative energy and thoughts.
  • exercise again!= just as mentioned above, it will help you release the accumulated tension while boosting your immune system and keep in balance your weight.
  • disconnect…..from whatever or whoever brings a constant sensation of emotional exhaustion. 
  • sleep more=you may have heard of the famous 8 hours of sleep. A good night sleep reduces the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and repairs brain cells. Besides, you must enjoy it now while you can, before insomnia will hit you in the third trimester.

4. Prenatal Vitamins

While diet occupies a pivotal role in your health, prenatal vitamins are highly recommended by doctors. Since some of the vitamins and minerals are not found in food, prenatal vitamins will provide the essential dose you and the baby need like Acid Folic, Vitamin B or Iron. Whether it is a year or a month before conception, you should go to your local drug store and start giving your body the strength it needs.

5. Medical Check-Up

If you have not seen your doctor or the dentist for a while, you should pay them a visit. A prenatal medical check-up will help your doctor identify if there are any health conditions or genetic disorder that may affect the pregnancy, but it will also give him a better understanding of how your body could cope with the upcoming changes.

I wish you a warm good luck in the new journey ahead of you 🙂


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