Physical Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is a delicate subject that still receives both criticism and recognition. While physical activities remain a great source of strength, it would be worth understanding the pros and cons with the purpose of reducing the misconceptions around the subject.

Is It Safe?

Yes and in fact remaining physically active during pregnancy is recommendable. For example, exercises such as yoga, hiking, walking or cycling remain some of the safe activities. However, it is highly necessary that you speak with the healthcare provider about your health and pregnancy conditions. Some pregnant women can easily remain active throughout the pregnancy while others may struggle to walk more than 15 minutes a day.

Seek Support

As safe as exercises may be, medical professionals advise that you should “listen” to your body. If you feel exhausted, tired, breathless or feel some contractions, it is best that you stop, reduce or change the type of activity. Furthermore, if you did not use to be an active person before getting pregnant, you should not engage in any strenuous exercise. If however you decide to join a yoga or fitness club, discuss with your instructor about your pregnancy (i.e. term, difficulties if you have any, etc).

Exercises During Pregnancy Are Not About LOSING WEIGHT !

Gaining weight during pregnancy is something that not all mothers enjoy, yet somehow it is inevitable. If you decide to continue your weekly physical routine, you must remember that the benefits you will get out of it are the following:

  • A balanced blood-pressure
  • Reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Stretch and prepare your muscles for labor
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Strengthen your joints
  • Improves sleep

Any exercise that may put you at risk of falling (i.e scuba diving, horse riding, downhill skiing, gymnastics, etc.) should be avoided!  


Just like when you used to exercise before pregnancy, you need clothes that do not cause you any discomfort during the exercises. Although there may be a gap in maternity workout clothes, there are few brands that offer a wide range of fitness outfits.

Preferably you should opt for workout clothes that support your baby bump as well as your continuously growing breasts. Any tight outfit will only make the exercise harder for you.

What Could Affect Your Exercises During Pregnancy?

Concomitantly with your baby’s growth, your body will continue changing, which means that some of the exercises will become more difficult for you to execute. For example, you may find it difficult to keep your balance or may have breathing difficulties as the few extra pounds are mostly in front of your body.

Secondly, nausea, tiredness or dizziness are few of the pregnancy symptoms that could also affect how you will exercise.

As mentioned above, ideally would be to speak with your healthcare provider who will be able to guide you and also keep track of your body changes. This way, it will be easier to discuss what exercises are best for you. Most importantly, assure that your diet is rich in all the essential nutrients in order to provide your body with enough vitamins.

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