What Happy Couples Do To Remain Happy?

In the past few years we have heard of married couples who lasted together for over 40 years, leaving us in awe especially when nowadays couples barely last 10 years together.

But still, we can notice happy couples who seem to effortlessly get along as if there is no trouble in paradise. Contrary to this belief, each couple has contradictory discussions and personality differences. Nevertheless, the key to their success relies on 5 simple “ingredients” that they daily add in their relationship/marriage:

      1.“Thank you” 

Saying thank you for the help you receive is not only a sign of politeness, but also a recognition and gratitude towards the efforts that your loved one has put into supporting you. Often individuals tend to get comfortable in a relationship and as a result, they take for granted the actions of love. The absence of validation and appreciation tend to lead to a distant relationship between the partners. In fact, sociological data indicates that participants who reported to feel more appreciated by their partners tended to feel happier and more involved in the relationship.

       2. “It is about US”

When a relationship begins, it is no longer just about your personal desires or plans, but also about your partner’s. Happy couples make plans together in order to benefit the needs and wishes of both sides. This is a sign of selflessness, appreciation, and validation.

3. “We will be ok”

As mentioned above, contradictory discussions occur, personality differences will appear now and again especially when there are important decisions to be made. When the results of actions do not coincide with the plan, happy couples do not criticise each other, nor say “I told you that this was going to happen!”. Instead, they assure one another that things will be fine and they will find the way out together.

4. “I love you”

Expressing emotions can strengthen the bond of the couple. While some love declarations may sound cheesy, they actually have a significant role in keeping the flame burning. When two individuals are in love, they do not hesitate to declare their emotions and do not forget to remind each other of the reasons why they are passionately in love.

5. “You are so funny”

Life can be stressful and as modern individuals, we are constantly working and searching ways to get promoted at work or give our life a purpose. Nothing wrong with that, but concentrating excessively much on career and forgetting your personal life can build up a space between you and your partner. One of the essential aspects of a happy couple is the way they have fun together as if there are no problems. Acting silly, dancing, traveling, or joking are few of the things that keep partners attracted to one another.





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